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Syngenta Professional Solutions is a fully dedicated, global ornamental controls business passionately committed to working with growers and industry partners around the world. We are proud to have a leading, global portfolio of high quality products that can be tailored together with our local experts to create simpler, more profitable, more responsible ornamental growing solutions.

At Syngenta East Africa, we work with you to make sure every plant achieves its full potential. The impact of pests or diseases on your crop can be huge. It is at this point our expertise becomes an essential and critical component for success.

Syngenta East Africa has both the commercial experience from working with growers and implementing innovative research and development projects. This involves a combination of chemical, biological and technical service to provide integrated control solutions. Increasingly, we are providing ornamental growers with the ability to introduce Integrated Pest Management in your crop and address the needs of customers to meet leading certifications schemes.

Below, you can see the members of our team and the area of East Africa they cover. 

Victor Juma

Business manager for East Africa and covers both Kenya and Ethiopia.
Mobile: +254 703018238

Biruk Mellesse Gebrie

Business manager for Ethiopia, covers all requirements for ornamentals across the country. M: +251 011 5158723

Alex Karanja

Our Crop Advisor Ornamentals has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Horticulture from the University of Eldoret. Mobile: +254 70 3018000

Daisy Ngeno

Technical Manager and manages our trials network across East Africa. Mobile: +254 726 250 722

Geoffrey Moyomba

Crop advisor for the West of the Rift region in Kenya.
M: +254 723519724.

Kennedy Onyango

Key accounts manager Kenya
M: +254 723920272