Learning Hub

Learning Hub

At Syngenta we want to ensure we provide as much information as possible to help growers get the best from their ornamental crops. While the Covid-19 pandemic provided us all with many challenges, we used this opportunity to launch our Learning Hub, this holds recordings of all our past webinars so you can re-watch the series at your convenience. 

Latest Update: The Basics of Biologicals - your chance to rewatch the videos from our bologicals webinar. Not only can they provide a diverse tool in your armoury against diseases and pests, they can help promote stronger growth in your crops ahead of busier seasons. 

The Basics of Biologicals

This is the video for you if you want to hear all about the basics of biologicals

A general view of biostimulants

Hans Raffel, a Syngenta biologicals expert talks about what biostimulants actually

Finding a Solution with Hicure

Daisy Ngeno, our East Africa Technical Manager talks through how Hicure can work for

The Different Types of Plant Parasitic Nemaodes

The first presentation from our Nematode Management Webinar with Professor Danny

Nematode Management

In the second video, you can listen to Dr Solveig Haukeland discuss nematode

Managing Resistance in Nematodes

In the third video from our Nematode Webiar is our Technical Manager Daisy Ngeno, she

Non-parasitic nematodes

In our final video from our Nematode Management Webinar, Dr Kanan Saikai discusses

Thrips biology and biocontrols

Watch again with John Ogechah from Dudutech explain the biology of thrips and what

Chemical controls and resistance management

Listen to Daisy Ngeno, our technical manager, go through the details of chemical

Challenges for rose growers in Kenya

As part of our Thrips Management webinar, watch Elijah Getiro of Dudutech explain the

Use of Sugars

Find out from Marcel Hubers, our Technical Manager for EAME how the use of sugars

Getting Crop Coverage Right

This is the first webinar from our spray application series throughout August, so you

Getting Water Volumes Right

The second in our spray application webinar series from August, for you to watch

All About Adjuvants

The third in our spray application webinar series from August, for you to watch again

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